Big George strikes again on the Big Screen

By Lenny Moon

It was only a matter of time before Hollywood reconciled that one of the most fascinating American success stories was lingering right under their noses the whole time. It conceivably could have been that even the brilliant creative minds that consistently produce content for public consumption were not capable of devising a story the likes of Big George Foreman. Born in Marshall, Texas and raised in Houston, the hard-hitting pugilist’s story could easily be appraised as falling under the category of “Least Likely to Succeed”. Attempting to survive in his city’s gritty Fifth Ward as a poor misguided juvenile, trouble was an entity that was never difficult to encounter whether one sought or it simply accommodated your presence just for breathing the oxygen in that radius. Sure there have been any number of success stories attached to individuals that rose above their humble beginnings to attain what many would assess an “Only in America” rewarding destination. What makes Big George’s story so compelling is that his professional boxing career came in two parts as the Heavyweight Champion of the World; a decade apart. Who could have written this script?

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Having closely witnessed George’s second trek toward capturing the heavyweight championship inspired the article written and published here on back on September 18, 2018. As a tribute to the release for the big screen of the champ’s life story on April 28th, we chose to re-publish an epic moment of Foreman’s comeback vs then-title holder Evander Holyfield that legitimized his comeback prior to his eventual historical match vs undisputed champion Michael Moorer (see “Battle of the Ages” continued reading below)

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