Bill Russell vs Michael Jordan (Who’s the NBA’s greatest winner?)

By Lenny Moon

When the sports bar conversation centers around the NBA’s greatest athlete, most would concur that the selection would quickly be settled with the Michael Jordan resolution. With all due respect, “MJ” would be safe if the criteria centers around the ability to dominate for a sustained period of time while adding the optimal amount of flair to his presentation. But if the conversation is expanded to discussing the game’s biggest winner in NBA history then a different sheriff has to be implemented by the name of Bill Russell.

For those roundball fans born during the evolution of Jordan’s Nike “JumpMan” era, perhaps those individuals receive a pass. The flip side of this equation creates a “teachable” moment that bridges the two eras. William Felton Russell was a 6-10 low post wizard that revolutionized the game of basketball on multiple levels. The Oakland, Ca native utilized his vast mental capability to directly impact the flow of a basketball game from the defensive end of the court that led to higher percentage baskets for his offense. Bill has exhibited an uncanny ability to win at every conceivable level. Not only were his team usually the last one standing, but the Celtic star willingly accepted the leadership role while amassing unprecedented success.

The long and the short of the narrative pertaining to the greatest winner in the history of American team sports is the author of 11 championships during his 13 total seasons as the integral component is Bill Russell. He led his team to eight consecutive NBA titles (1959-66) in addition to leading his team to two NCAA titles (1955 & 56) and the anchor on the 1956 USA Olympic basketball championship. With all due respect, Jordan outdistanced himself from all of his contemporaries by leading his Chicago teams to two separate “3-peats” (1991-93 & 1996-98). The Wilmington, NC native procured the NBA Finals MVP during each of the aforementioned titles. We will not go into the hypothetical discussion about eras that neither legendary player had control. But what we do know is that the facts are the litmus test. Leading your team to championships in 85% of the seasons that you participated at the games’ highest level (won two as a player/coach in 1968 & 69) then the numbers easily provide the conclusion. In this author’s humble opinion, Mr Russell is the greatest winner in American team sports.

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  1. Goes without saying. I love MJ but Bill Russell to me was the greatest that ever played the game. Basketball is basketball and MJ was exiting but 8 straight is unthinkable. He must have been some player. By the way there are multiple others on that Boston Team who won more championships than Jordan so it we’re talking championships then there are at least three or four others with multiple rings. I also think that if the Nets were to have come into the NBA with the team that won the last ABA championship they would have won multiple rings also.

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