“LennyMoonBriefs” delves into Vintage Archival clips from Vault -Vol I & II

By Lenny Moon

Over the past three decades or so (whose counting), we had the good fortune of crossing paths with some of the biggest names on the sports landscape. Back in the day, we established a platform that we titled “Sports Briefs” that was typically less than two minutes in length and featured either a contemporary issue and/or a top shelf personality of that time period. With that said, we’ve reached back and retrieved four previous segments, with two attached to each reel.

The first highlights two gentlemen from the world of Major League Baseball, where one is known for his voice and the other for his booming bat. Vin Skully, legendary voice of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers was asked about his Dodgers producing more than their fair share of “Rookie of the Year” performers over the years. The next visit was the guy best known by baseball fans as “Mr October”, Reggie Jackson. The lefty swinging power hitter was asked about his love and hate relationship of playing in New York for the Yankees. Both Skully and Jackson are MLB Hall of Fame members. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

The second video highlights former Texas Western University (now known as University of Texas-El Paso) head basketball coach Don Haskins. During a roundball broadcasting excursion to west Texas prior to the production of the movie “Glory Road”, we caught up with the history-making coach popularly known as “The Bear”. Back in 1966, Texas Western became the first college in American history to start five Black cagers in a NCAA Division I Torunament championship game to win the national title.

The second segment connects with former Houston Astros and Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan. The Bonham, Tx native was asked about his seemingly smooth transition made from the diamond to the press box. Both Haskins and Morgan are Hall of Famers in their respective sports. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

We’ll present more “LennyMoonBriefs” on future posts on this site https://www.lennymoonsports.com, so you want to stay tuned for more of the biggest sports stars of that era.

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