“LennyMoonBriefs” delves into Vintage Archival clips from Vault- Vol III & IV

By Lenny Moon

In our LennySportsBrief series from days past, then San Francisco Giants manager Dusty Baker (current Houston Astros skipper) was asked about his former teammate with the Atlanta Braves Hank Aaron. Baker expressed that he felt that the “Hammer” would never get the respect that he deserved from MLB and the baseball community. At press time, Baker, currently the manager of the Houston Astros, and his H-Town contingent were embroiled as American League representatives in the 2021 World Series vs the Atlanta Braves. (SEE ABOVE VIDEO)
From our vintage sports clip series, former MLB star hurler Dave Stewart was asked why there was a steep decline in volume of African American pitchers in the modern professional game. The Oakland, Ca native pitched in the World Series for three different ballclubs (L.A. Dodgers, Oakland A’s and the Toronto Blue Jays)…(SEE ABOVE VIDEO)

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